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How to share wedding photos with guests

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Once the wedding is over, the couple eagerly waits for the first glimpse of their wedding photos and videos. And why not? The wedding pictures are a great way to relive those beautiful moments of your special day over and over again. And couples want to share that joy with their family and friends. The next step is to gather all the wedding photos at one place and share it with your loved ones. Are you looking for the coolest ways to share your wedding photographs? Well, we have taken the liberty of searching far and wide to compile a list of the top photo sharing methods, so, don’t worry about sharing your precious moments to the rest of the world.

1. Own Wedding Page

Shivam & Shivani Full Wedding Story

Utsavfx have created your own wedding page for you, we have also uploaded beautiful photos of your dream day there. This is the most premium feature that we offer to our special clients and you can share the link with anyone you want to. The wedding page includes details of your love story with the day of first meeting to the day of happily ever after. This is meant to help the couple showcase unforgettable moments to their friends and family.

2. Share on social media

Nikita & Tanmay Wedding Photography in Utsavfx Studio

The social media sites are used by billions of people each day and it is definitely one of the best ways to showcase your wedding photographs there. This is a convenient way to be in touch and monitor your images almost around the clock. You can tag your family and friends in your photographs and can create a unique hashtag for fast finding your wedding photos online by other users.

3. Offline sharing options

We know that online wedding photo sharing and digital copies make it simple and easy to share with your friends and family. But that doesn’t mean that photo prints and wedding albums have no demand. Create your virtual wedding album or photo book, nothing beats the nostalgia that comes with running one’s hands over the edges of a photo album.

These offline sharing options have their own charm when it comes to treasuring fond memories.

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