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Choosing a professional wedding photographer for your big day is an important decision to take. You have to do ample research and narrow it down by asking some important questions.

As per the contract we deliver everything within 45 to 90 days after the wedding. This means the simpler deliverables like images are delivered within 35-45 days after the wedding depending on the seasonal work load especially during the peak wedding season when we could run into a backlog of 15-20 days. The highlight film and trailer usually take up to 75-95 days for the delivery. We need two basic documents from the couple for the completion of the Highlight film in time - First is their music selection (various sound tracks you want for various sections / events of the film) and second is the credits title (family names) for the opening and closing sections of the film. A delay in the submission of these documents will exponentially delay the delivery dates of the highlight film. As a thumb-rule, we expect to receive these two documents from the couple within 40-45 days after the wedding.

Film editing is a tedious and creative process and we work with some of the best editors in the industry who are perfectionists and believe in the highest quality of film editing. After seeing hours and hours of footage they select the best of the best shots for the HL film and naturally all this takes time. As a thumb-rule, each minute of final edit takes about one day to finalize once the final edit begins. Rest assured, once you see your final HL film, the wait will be well worth the time.

Everything that has been shot by us is your property. We don’t hold back anything. You get all the RAW videos as well as the final videos on a 1 or 2 Terabyte Thunderbolt drive provided by you. The RAW videos are clips of the videos shot by all our cameras (They may be useful for edits later like first anniversary / 25th anniversary etc.)

Once the Highlight film is ready, we invite the couple over for a screening at our studio in KANPUR. Since they are the stars of the film, we want them to see and approve of it first. Should they disapprove of any clip / footage during the first screening, we can make the edit changes and corrections (in the one round of permissible edit changes) and present the final HL film for the friends and family to see and enjoy. Nothing is delivered / released without the approval of the couple. In case of overseas clients, we deliver low resolution version of the HL film online through data sharing sites like wetransfer.com. The couple can download the film and send us the changes ATMOST within 72 hours. If we do not receive any changes within three days, we will assume that you approve of the film and no changes are required. We will then close your project and deliver the high resolution final rendered version of the film. Any changes after the stipulated three day period shall be charged extra.

One round of changes in the Highlight film means that once the couple sees the film for the first time, they can add / delete some clips as per their liking. Some close relatives whose footage is unintentionally missed by the editors can be added in this round. Any other minor changes can also be corrected. But please note that major changes may not be possible / charged extra. Examples of major changes are –

  • Addition of an event / events
  • Changes in music track
  • Replacement of more than ten clips of friends / relatives
  • Changes in the film titles / credits etc.

Music and songs selection are handpicked collectively by the Director, the client and the Edit team. A client co-ordinator from the studio is assigned to co-ordinate with the client for this under the guidance of the creative visualizer of the project. The film names are usually suggested either by the client or the film director and approved by both.

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